Wisdom Tales Project



Wisdom Tales Project

In Language Arts, we had to make a project on a wisdom tale from a book called ‘Wisdom Tales from Around the  World’. The people in my group were Louise, Sophia, and Elena. We made a scratch project and here is the link to it: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/754384288. We wanted to work together, and also do well.  Sophia was in charge of coding, Louise made the buttons and Elena put in the facts. We chose the story Feeding His Clothes. It was about a man who wanted to go to dinner. When he arrived no one spoke to him because of how he was dressed and no one fed him. So he went home and put on some good clothes. He got all dressed up, and when he arrived everyone talked to him and fed him. While he was eating he fed food to his clothes. Everyone wondered and asked him “why are you feeding your clothes?” He told them that these clothes brought him here and they should be fed first. The moral of the story is “Don’t judge people on how they look.” This was a great story and taught us a very important lesson. We loved working on this  project, and enjoyed working together!





The day Halloween came, I knew it was going be a fun day! My friends and I decided months in advance to dress up as cows! When I ordered my costume, Amazon said it would come in two weeks! I couldn’t wait! When it finally arrived, I opened it with glee!  But what I was really excited  about was the candy! Once I got to school, I went to my advisory and met up with my friend, who was also dressed as a cow. That day, when I arrived in class, the teacher asked us what we were dressed as for Halloween.  X Period was canceled, so my friends and I went to the haunted house. After being scared by robots, my friends and I got some candy from Dr. Ward and Mr. Meredith.


After school, I went trick-or-treating with my neighbors and my pillowcase was full with candy! Each house gave us great candy. I loved the Hershey’s the most! Each house I went to had great decorations too! A lot of my neighbors were witches and animals! After trick or treating, I went home and watched a scary movie! I had candy and traded with my sister for Reece’s peanuts cups.  The next day, I had a lot of candy in my lunchbox and enjoyed eating it!

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I enjoyed every bit of it!

Camp Hanes

Early Thursday morning, I stepped on a bus to head to King, Carolina for my Camp Hanes adventure.  As I was choosing where to sit on the bus, I was so excited to go to Camp Hanes. I sat next to my friend, and we had front row seats to the movie.   On the bus I really enjoyed singing songs with everyone.When we arrived at Camp Hanes, from the second I saw the volleyball net I knew this was gonna be a great trip. When we ate lunch, the food was delicious. After that while we were doing our activities,I learned that we were doing the hike and rock climbing next! After climbing walls and walking on a net, I couldn’t wait for the hike! The counselors were very nice and made sure that we had a fun time!  It was very steep on the hike but it was worth it when we got to the top!

While we were hiking, I loved talking to my friends, and making new ones.I really enjoyed team building,and I think it brought the group closer. Staying with friends was great!  When we got to the top on the hike, the view was magnificent.  I loved the food and on the first night I loved the chicken nuggets. Doing team building exercises was great and the counselors were super fun! I loved making new friends. I also was really happy when we learned that we were going to be in a cabin with the Stanbury advisory!

Thank you so much for letting us stay at Camp Hanes! We appreciate your hard work and hopefully we will come there again!

Thank you  for organizing everything,and making sure that we were safe and had fun. I think that the most important thing was teamwork!We overcame a lot of challenges such as teamwork and friendship. At first I was nervous to go to Camp Hanes but I think that this was the best DA trip.  We hope that you guys enjoyed having us!  Thank you!



My Finding Someplace Backpack

In a book called “Finding Someplace”, The main character is named Theresa but everyone calls her Reesie. In this book, Hurricane Katrina was happening.  She was at her neighbor’s house with her friend Mrs. Martine. All of a sudden the house started flooding so they went up to the attic.  Before she went to her neighbors she went to her house Reesie grabbed her backpack and put everything she would need in a hurricane. She put in important house papers, pictures, her grandma’s sewing machine, and some food.  After that she quickly headed to safety.

If I was in Reese’s situation, I would put in my backpack my phone, my phone charger, and batteries. I would also bring cookies, popcorn and just junk food.   I would also bring water, photos, money, a flashlight, passports, and a medical bag. I would bring my phone to call for help and just in case it dies I would bring my charger. I would bring batteries for my flashlight and bring my flashlight to see in the dark. I would bring junk food, because it doesn’t go bad. I would  also bring water to drink.  Another thing I would bring is  photos of my family to treasure and money to pay for things. And lastly, I would bring passports if someone needs to identify me and a medical bag in case I get hurt.  So to conclude I would bring everything that I treasure. If I really were in Reesie’s situation then I would bring all this stuff and take what I value the most.